PLATYPUS In the Tropics

A new documentary in the life of the planets most unique and wonderful mammal

wildnews, 2007


"Platypus - In the tropics" ...

Participation in FILM FESTIVALS & Award Entries

2012 TellyAwards Silver & Bronze Winner
2012 DC Environmental Film Festival 19/03/12

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"The platypus is my fav animal since I was child in Peru. Finally, living in Australia now, my dream come true. Amazing documentary!!!! An excellent work about an unique mammal!!! Thanks!!!
P. Allemant - Australia

"Great Documentary"
E. Vrielink - Netherlands

"Lots of excellent film/info about my favourite animal, highly recommended ++++++"
J.Robinson - Australia

"Congratulations on this outstanding documentary!"
C. Sabine - France

Production ...

North Queensland Australia ...

Platypus in the Tropics” is a natural history documentary featuring the little-known lifestyle of the secretive Platypus living in the Tropical Rain forests of North Queensland, Australia.

Platypuses are known for inhabiting the southeastern temperate regions of Australia, notably New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania, where their streams may freeze over in winter. People generally are not aware that Platypus also exists within the Wet Tropics region in monsoonal North Queensland.

This is the first time that a documentary has focused entirely upon the annual lifecycle of the Platypus.

The film provides an intimate, close-up perspective of Platypus life never before attained. The camera literally glides along and follows the Platypus as it swims, dives, feeds, grooms, deals with drought and flood, mates, digs burrows, carries nesting materials, builds a nesting chamber and raises its young.

Although focusing entirely upon the secretive and solitary lifestyle of the Platypus, the two only weather seasons are depicted by glimpses with subtle and sometimes dramatic changes in the surrounding rainforest.

“Platypus in the Tropics”

For over 200 years Australians have been trying to discover the secrets of this famous and enigmatic monotreme.

Alberto Vale has produced, filmed, scripted and edited his latest nature documentary on the planets most unique and secretive mammal,

“The Platypus in The Tropics” has been the labour of extensive experience in the field to finally deliver a production that will undoubtedly go down in history on the understanding of the “world’s most bizarre creature."
Alberto Vale
Executive Producer Director
WildCAM Australia ®




PLATYPUS IN THE TROPICS Exempt from Classification
Narration ENGLISH
Subtitles in English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish.
Approximate running time 40 minutes

LIFE BENEATH THE CANOPY Exempt from Classification
A WildCAM Australia® presentation, a film by Alberto Vale & June Vale.
Narration ENGLISH Subtitles in English
Approximate running time 32 minutes

DVD Media disc is a “Double Sided” disc. The DVD includes the following two documentaries on each of it’s sides “Platypus In The Tropics” and “LIFE Beneath the Canopy”
The DVD Disc Media has been formatted to play both PAL & NTSC broadcast TV signals, Worldwide and All Regions. TV Aspect ratio is 16:9, Audio Stereo.

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