Nature's ecological engineers


In Production - Comming soon in 2017

Bettongs Natures ecological engineers (working title) © Alberto Vale 2017

Fast and Furious


RELEASED Year Of Production 2015

Quolls Fast and Furious © Alberto Vale 2013-2014

Friend or Foe ?


Released Year Of Production 2013

Green Tree Ants - Friend Or Foe © Alberto Vale 2011-2014

PLATYPUS in the Tropics

A new documentary in the life of the planets most unique and wonderful mammal

An intimate, close-up perspective of Platypus life never before attained. The camera literally glides along and follows the Platypus as it swims, dives, feeds, grooms, deals with drought and flood, mates, digs burrows, carries nesting materials, builds a nesting chamber and raises its young.
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Life Beneath the Canopy

Life Beneath the Canopy" introduces the viewer to a tropical Australian wonderland, where often one rarely takes the time to stop, watch and appreciate what nature has to offer.
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